10 habits of happy couples

A good relationship  is essential in making a perfectly happy family, where the children feel secure and blessed due to the cheerful atmosphere of their home. But both partners need to take some positive steps to make this blissful relationship healthier and keep themselves bounded with love and affection all through their life. Usually it is seen that a marriage is considered to be successful, only when both the husband and wife have respect, trust and affection for each other.

These 10 important secret factors are instrumental in making the relationship happy and successful.

Share some common interests:
It is important to find out any hobby or interest that both the partners are quite fond of, so that they can enjoy it together and this togetherness will cement their bond of love and make it stronger day by day. Traveling, listening to music, enjoying movies in the hall or at home and going out for dinner are some of the favorite pastimes which many couples are seen to share among themselves.

Go to sleep at the same time:
Many people have the habit of staying back, may be for doing some office work or household chores; their life partners may feel irritated or even neglected, due to this behavior, resulting in the weakening of their mutual relationship. But if both partners go to their bed at the same time, they can share some personal issues with each other and may also feel the love which existed during the initial years of their conjugal life.

Argue in a witty and diplomatic way:
It is natural that two individual partners will have their own viewpoints on each matter, which each of them may try to establish through an argument with the other. But it is necessary for both of them to be careful enough and not to touch on any sensitive matters of the other one, which may heat up the situation even further and even take it to a breaking point. It is considered a tactful way to use plural pronouns, like “we” or “ours”, instead of “me” or “mine”; which will mean that the argument is for some welfare of both of them, not of any single one. Consider compromising, as it is one of the most successful ways to reduce the conflict.

Forgive each other’s mistakes:
Any human being can make a mistake at any point of life; so it is not wise for anyone to drag a case of a blunder of the other one for an indefinite period. Rather, they should speak out frankly with one another and may either ask for an apology or forgive the wrongdoer with an open mind and close that chapter together. This mentality of seeking or granting forgiveness is essential for a healthy relationship of a couple. Sometimes, it is even wiser to oversee the faults of the other one, if it does not cause any harm to anyone else.

Greet each other on waking up in the morning and at night:
It simply emits a good feeling when a beloved person wishes ‘Good morning’ on opening the eyes in the early morning every day. An ideal happy couple hugs one another and greets on each morning, with the addition of some loving words, like ‘I love you’, which reminds both of them of each other’s love and puts them in a good mood throughout the day. Again at night, a loving wish for having ‘Good night’ helps in eradicating all the rough feelings faced all through the day at their work places. A loving hug to each other before and after the whole day apart also works wonders in keeping the relationship in best condition.

Better not to be selfish:
It is not a good idea when a couple tries to share all their responsibilities and resources in 50:50 basis, as this practice may give rise to discontentment among both of them very soon and rift them apart. Therefore, it is best to act selflessly and try to give more than taking from the other one.

Give each other occasional gifts:
As everyone loves to receive gifts from others, both partners should occasionally surprise each other with some gifts, which will instantly bring smile on their lips, in spite of all the problems they may be facing outside their home. These gifts can be some flowers of the choice of the receiver, or any desired object that he/she may have secretly wished to possess; else it may be the renewal of a passion which the receiver once cherished.

Arrange dates:
Though many people think that dating is only for young couples, mainly before their marriage; it is similarly important for the couples of all ages to go for dating, whenever both can take some time to spend the day together. This practice will bring them even closer and make their relationship more romantic.

Keep connected to each other during the whole day:
Though everyone remains busy throughout the day in their jobs, it feels nice, if he/she just calls up to ask how the day is going. This habit helps in easing tensions, when you can share it over the phone with your loved one or simply feel happy if something good happens to any one of you at work.

Be positive-minded about each other:
Every person should stay positive of their partner, ignoring the negative points; as everyone is surely to have both positive and negative features of their looks and their character. But as you accept each other as life partners, you must learn to accept and love the person as a whole.

These habits may seem to be insignificant, but they are highly effective in continuing the relationship with the same amount of fondness for each other.

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