10 Lessons You Learn From Successful Relationships

Many people get in and out of the relationships, thinking that what happened to them is a pure coincidence and has nothing to do with themselves. At the same time, building long lasting and successful relationships is a hard work. It is a skill that you can learn only with experience. Here are some lessons that I’ve learned from successful relationships. Some of them may seem obvious, while others will make you think and, maybe, change something in your relationships.

1.    Misunderstanding is unavoidable
Considering that words can be interpreted in a completely different way, from time to time, it leads to unavoidable misunderstanding. If you interpret the words of your partner in a wrong way, it doesn’t mean that you have to focus on this situation. This is the nature of most people, that we understand the world through our own filter of knowledge and experience. And, as a result, sometimes even close people cannot find understanding in various situations.
2.    Learn to trust
Trust is an inevitable element of successful relationships. For many people it may seem difficult to trust the person they love. However, without trust nobody can build strong relationships. Best relationships start from trust, it should be strong and sincere, even when problems appear, you have to maintain your trust.
3.    Have a rest from each other
It’s very good to be together every second of life and spend days and nights enjoying the relationships, especially in the beginning. However, if you did that you would never accomplish your personal duties. If you spend time separately, for instance, work in different places, you always have what to talk about in the evening. You have a chance to miss each other and to wait on the moment when you hug your loved one again. It gives you time for self-development which also positively influences the relationships.
4.    Appreciate growth and development
Of course you fall in love because your partner seems to be ideal in every way and so on. Changes and development are natural for the living creatures. We always look for growth individually that has a great impact on our relationships. If you don’t develop and change in a good way, your partner may lose interest and look for new experiences. And don’t forget to appreciate this changes and development, so your relationships will prosper.
5. Compromise doesn’t mean defeat
Arguments are normal for relationships, they help to learn to deal with another person without damaging the relationships. When you don’t argue, most likely, you try to avoid this uncomfortable situation and hinder your feelings instead of expressing them. However, a skill to make a compromise is very vital for establishing proper atmosphere in your relationships. It doesn’t mean though, that you are being weak. Make a compromise is not always easy, in fact, it takes a lot of your courage.
6. Accept your weaknesses
Pretty sure you both are not superheroes. We are all people and everybody has his weaknesses and nobody is perfect. And, moreover, its ok to show it. It is even better if your partner knows your weaknesses and learns how to react on it not hurting your feelings.
7. Some things you have to accept, rather than try to change.
You both have something that you would never be able to get rid of. You cannot demand other person to change, most likely it would lead to disappointment. There are things that are easier to accept rather than try to change. It is necessary to make relationships go on, instead of focusing on something irreversible.
8. Don’t expect anything
Don’t think that your partner possesses secret superpower to read your mind or to guess what you need and what you expect. Express what you wait from him or her and what you need directly without any riddles and you would be surprised how fast and effective this is. Communication is a key to successful relationships.
9. Show your feelings
As funny as it may sound, but you have to express your feelings and not only on special occasion, but every day. Your partner should feel that you love him and appreciate your relationships. Don’t pretend and play games. It , obviously doesn’t mean that you have to show only love, as every person you can be said or happy, it doesn’t matter, the point is, express what you feel towards your partner, he or she should feel your love
10. Sacrifice
Being in relationships means you have to devote and sacrifice. You have to make a compromise, sometimes even give up on your own need in  order to keep relationships unfolding. Caring only about yourself and satisfying your personal needs will ruin everything you’ve built together. Sacrifice and it will make your relationship strong and express your love better than words.


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