How to Surprise Your Girlfriend

It is important to show your girlfriend that you care about your relationship and appreciate every day that you spend together. You don’t have to spend a fortune to express your feelings and create a unique moment for you two. Being romantic not just on special occasion, but in everyday life undoubtedly helps to improve your relationship and make your love grow stronger. Using these  ideas you can try out to impress your girlfriend and bring some magic into a simple day. Here you will find 10 simple ideas on how to surprise your girlfriend and improve your relationships.

1. Prepare a romantic meal.
You don’t have to be a chef of the famous restaurant to prepare something tasty for your girlfriend. Use your skills and imagination; it’s not as difficult as you think. If you are not a professional, you can consult a recipe book or simply prepare your girlfriend’s favorite food.
She will definitely appreciate your effort even if it isn’t reminiscent of the meal in fancy restaurants.
2. Get a Spa package for two.
Relaxation often sets us to romantic mood. Your loved one will feel totally special. Massages and saunas help to loosen a body and mind, which positively affects your sexual life as well. After several hours spend together in complete relaxation you both will feel rebirth and easiness.
3. Help out with housework.
If your girlfriend is a busy person, she will appreciate your help with some house duties that she normally does by herself. You can also accomplish something that she asked you to do for a long time, like cleaning up in the garage or fixing a doorstep.
4. Collect the best photos of both of you and put them in an album.
Show her that you keep memory about the time that you’ve spent together. Make an effort and print out your photos from trips, dinners or other occasions that are valuable for both you. You can also write quotes or your thoughts next to the photos that will make them look even more special.
5. Give her flowers not only on occasion.
As simple as it may sound, get her a nice bouquet of her favorite flowers, just because you want to make her smile and not because it’s her birthday or Valentine’s day when it can be predicted or expected.
6. Write a love letter.
Write simply everything you feel about your loved one and your relationship. Nothing can compare to a sincere letter about your feeling. It doesn’t require any financial investments or time. You can put it into an envelope and hide in her favorite chocolates. She will be deeply touched by such gesture for sure.
7. Make a scrapbook of your favorite moments together.
This might require some of your time and basic manual skills. Just collect some things from arts and crafts store, print pictures of the best moments or memorable time that you’ve spent together and put it into the book. If you are not sure about your skills, just start the book and tell her that you are going to continue it together.
You can also write a book about your relationship: for example start with how you met and what happened after. You may want to leave several empty pages, to write what will happen in the future.
8. Take a drive to the countryside or go hiking.
Spend some time together in the nature and get rest from the busy city life. Take time for a simple walk in the forest, picking flowers and talking. Just make sure you have your phone off – friends and family are not invited for this date.
9. Read a book to her.
Remember how when you were a child your parents read you books? Try it with your girlfriend! It is always nice to cuddle on the couch in front of the fireplace during long and cold evenings in winter. Make it special and read to your girlfriend a book that she likes.
10. Hide a small treat in your girlfriend’s bag or pocket.
If she goes on a trip or just to her work, you can hide some candies or chocolate in her bag. Write something nice on a small card, attached to the box. It will make her happy for the whole day.

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