10 Super Tips to Follow While Traveling with Your Kid

Young, growing children tend to be really active and energetic, and it can be really hard to keep them still. In such a scenario, traveling could prove to be a tough job indeed.

Whether you’re planning a road trip or are heading out to a much needed holiday- here we’ve put down a list of the 10 best tips and tricks to follow when you have your kid along! Read on…

  • Stay ahead of time – the best way to make sure your little one doesn’t get all cranky and irritated during the journey is to get ready beforehand. It is a good idea to reach the airport early (if its an air travel) or have everything settled in your car (for a road trip), so that you don’t have to hurry at the last moment.

  • Pack the meds – make sure you have all the essential medications and toiletries packed before you hit the road. A change of atmosphere and food is just enough to trigger all the nasties in kids, which can be a nightmare if you don’t have the meds along.

  • Keep it comfortable – traveling in itself, can be an uncomfortable experience, so don’t be surprised if you find your kid a bit edgy. Make sure both you and your kids wear comfortable clothes- preferably made of light, breathable fabrics.

  • Keep it full– one of the best and foolproof ways to make sure that your kid stays on his best behavior during the travel is to feed him right before you leave- a full tummy equals a happy kiddo.

  • Grab the distractions– long road and air trips can be boring- an easy way to keep your child busy during it is to hand him a distraction- a book, a game or anything else. Discourage the use of cellphones and tablets, and instead, encourage the constructive use of the time.

  • Get the forty winks – being sleep deprived (and having your kid sleep deprived) is the perfect recipe for a horrible journey. Have a good night’s sleep beforehand- it’ll help keep you more alert and sorted, and also make sure your kid has had his much needed sleep as well.

  • Book ahead of time – another great way to glide easily through a hectic journey is to have your bookings done beforehand- be it hotel rooms or cars and cabs.

  • Have your kid’s favorites handy – It can be a special toy or a preferred book- every kid has his favorites, and it can be a good idea to have it along on your trip, just to help your kid feel more comfortable and at ease.

  • Get food wise – is it an international trip? Out to another state? Not all kids are fans of a change in the cuisine, and in such case, it is best to stock up on your baby’s food essentials and have them along on your trip- just in case he doesn’t really approve of the food there.

  • Keep it simple – traveling with a kid may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, but the key to having everything sorted is to stay calm and focused. It is okay to not have everything right- you may forget a thing or two, but that’s okay- just breathe and enjoy the trip.

    And how do you manage long trips with your children?

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