5 Questions to ask yourself before getting married

The decision to get married indicates a desire for lifelong commitment based on love between two people. However, some people struggle with doubt before tying the knot. It is important to be honest with yourself and your partner before the nuptials. While many marriages do have a strong foundation of love and happiness, others do not. According to information on the website divorcestatistics.org, 41 percent of first marriages end in divorce. Before taking the matrimonial leap, you need to make sure that you are ready to make the commitment needed for a lasting marriage. Ask yourself these questions and be completely honest.

Why do you want to get married?

People get married for different reasons. Love is usually the reason people want to make a lifetime commitment. However, people sometimes view marriage as a type of emotional or financial security. People should not enter into marriage as a means to cure emotional insecurity, fear of loneliness or financial stability. Marriage should be based on unconditional love for a person and a desire to build a lasting relationship together. 

How well do you really know each other?

There can be a world of difference between dating someone and living with them. People are usually on their best behavior in the beginning of a relationship or even a marriage. However, personality traits come to the surface once people get comfortable in the relationship. You may find that the person you thought you knew acts differently once you are sharing your life and home. Couples should let each other know what they need and expect out of a marriage before entering into a commitment.

Can you and your partner accept each other unconditionally?  

True love is unconditional love. This means that partners accept each other with all their imperfections. Sometimes people try to change their partner after marriage. They try to mold their spouse into an acceptable version that fits their vision of the perfect man or woman. You cannot force someone to change. No one is perfect. Everyone has flaws and so does the love of your life. Conditional love sets conditions and expects the other person to live up to those standards. True love (unconditional love) accepts a person for who they are.

Can you be yourself around your partner?

Does your partner lift your spirits and make you feel good about yourself? Do you feel relaxed and comfortable? Do you enjoy each other’s company and have fun together? Being with someone you love should make you feel happy, relaxed and comfortable. If it does not, then you may want to explore your feelings. Talk openly and honestly with your partner about how you feel.  People sometimes keep silent about their feelings and just hope things will get better. Problems don’t go away unless they are addressed. Express your feelings and work together to resolve them.

Are you ready to make a commitment?

Marriage is a serious commitment. You must be absolutely certain that you are ready to take on the responsibilities that accompany marriage. Discuss your doubts and concerns with your partner. Setting a date for a long engagement can give you time to live together and get to know each other better. If your relationship continues to last then you have a solid foundation that can create a lasting marriage. When you are finally ready to take the vows of marriage there will be no hesitation, and you will do so with a happy heart.

Saying “I Do”

Reciting your wedding vows will be one of the grandest moments of your life. Your heart will overflow with happiness and there will not be any doubts in your mind that you have made the right choice. Now, you can move forward to build a life with that special someone. Your married life doesn’t have to be perfect. It just needs to be a life filled with love, trust and the determination to overcome those little bumps in the road together.

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