A few wedding flower tips

A wedding of any religion or at any part of the world cannot be completed without the presence of flowers. The flowers are essential in the elaborate decoration of the wedding alter, mainly at the top table that is meant for the newly married couple and their immediate family members. Also, the bride is needed to carry a beautiful flower bouquet, while walking down the aisle to the altar and the groom is supposed to pin a single flower or a tiny bouquet in the buttonhole or the chest pocket of his coat. The flower bouquets are also carried by the bridesmaids, the best man and also the parents of both bride and groom.

Hence, the would-be couple and their parents need to know few important wedding flower tips, by which they can be benefited in planning the floral arrangements of the proposed wedding.

  • Choose and book a florist designer

A reliable and well-known florist should be chosen for doing the floral decoration of a wedding ceremony and party. It is better to check his/her portfolio or the pictures of previous works, to be sure of the capability of this florist. Quite a number of florists need to be contacted, to check their costs and finally, the one which is best in quality of work and as well as fits the budget of the client is chosen. As the renowned florists are always in high demand, the booking of the chosen florist for the specific wedding date should be a top priority among the wedding arrangements.

  • Better to select a local florist

It is always advisable to select a local florist, as the florist of the same area is more likely to be cheaper than the ones from other states. Moreover, only a local florist will have the ideas about the types of seasonal flowers available in that area, which will also be much cheaper than the costly off-season orchids, thus help in staying within the limited wedding budget.

  • Decide on the types of the flowers and the arrangements

Before contacting the chosen florist for giving the assignment, the would-be couple and their families should decide on the type of floral arrangements that will look better on their fixed wedding venue. The colors and the varieties of the flowers should match the choices and the personalities of the new couple, as well as the grandeur of the occasion. The florist needs to be informed about all these essential points, so that the total floral arrangements can be done accordingly. But the client should be flexible enough, to give multiple choices to the florist, so that the overall effect of the decorations can look the best.

  • The floral decoration should not surplus the beauty of the venue

If the wedding takes place in a seaside spot or on a beach or in a beautiful garden, the floral arrangements should be done accordingly so that the guests can see and enjoy the scenic beauty as well. The flower bouquets carried by the bride, groom and others should match their dresses and accessories, in colors and sizes, to make them look more attractive. While placing the flowers on the tables as centerpieces, the appearances of the table linens should be taken into account, so that both complement, not contradict each other in terms of elegance.

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