First Time Pregnancy Tips

You’re about to embark on a truly wonderful journey. Bringing a life into this world is something so remarkable that most times when I think about it, I simply cannot fathom its depth. I mean, if I think back to the time when I was expecting my first baby I can remember being elated at the idea of this little person growing inside me, and then just plain terrified at it.

And this is what first your first pregnancy is going to be all about; the duality of fear and joy. Of course, there are a hundred things you have to do… but do you have enough time, or energy? You’ll be so excited when the baby comes, but will you be a good parent? And you just can’t wait for all the nappy changes and baby dress-ups, but will your financial situation be stable and carry you through the next 18 years with this child? See what I mean about duality? First time pregnancy can definitely confuse a person.

It’s not all confusion though. No, it’s mostly a daydream and you’ll relish every moment. But staying healthy and being informed is the best way to keep your head above the water.

So here are my top tips to help you through the first few months of motherhood, before baby arrives.

Ask advice from everyone who has had a baby. You’ll be surprised at the amount of good advice you’ll get. You’ll be equally surprised, mind you, at the bad advice you get. Which brings me to point number 2:
Trust your gut. You may not have the hands-on experience yet, but your instinct will guide you. You are the best mommy for your child and all advice should be sifted through carefully. Find the tips that resonate best with you and your partner and put those into practice. Forget the rest.
Enjoy your first pregnancy. Love it, live it, become it. Seriously, the morning sickness is not so great, and you might feel a bit like a balloon even though you’re only 6 weeks pregnant. (Yes, it’s all in the mind still at this point.) But the wonder of life is something to think about. You’ll notice you certainly appreciate the value of life after your first pregnancy and birth.
Eat well. Do your best to not eat foods that you know make you feel discomfort. It’s not going to go down well later, trust me. Eat “light” meals more regularly rather, and do away with the widespread idea that pregnancy equals eating for two. Eat enough nutrients for two. Not double portions of unhealthy food.
Growing a baby is just as much fun as making one. Don’t leave your partner out of the process. Get him involved. We get so wrapped up in putting the baby and our bodies first. Pregnancy is about both of you though, and eventually the three of you. The bonds are formed now already.

If it’s your first time, pregnancy can be overly exciting. Don’t overwhelm yourself with tasks and to-do’s before baby arrives. Take it easy and remember that when your little one is born, above all, she is going to need you to love her in your special way. Books and articles can never make that bond between you, only you and she can, by feeling your way through the dark.

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