How to save your marriage

The flame is slowly burning low and you feel like you have done all that you can do to save your marriage. Anything that is worth saving is worth fighting for. In this article, I will give you logical and helpful ways to woe your sweetheart, the love of your life, back to where they need to be.

Let’s take a closer look at where you’re at right now? The best step is your first step and it will be the most important step that you will take to save your marriage. That first step is about you. We aren’t talking about what’s in it for you, but about what you can do to change you.

In order to fix anything dear to us, we must first learn to fix the person we are. Think of it like this; imagine your dream spouse and all of their attributes. Do they respect you, help you, and love you? If we can think of who we want to be with, we can sure become that person our self. Like the old saying goes “be who you want to be with”.

Become the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Could you live with yourself? Could you love yourself? Ask these questions. You should never expect your significant other to be a better person than the person that you are. It’s like expecting someone to stoop down to your level. Ask yourself if you would want to someone to come up to your level or would you mind dropping down a few notches? Saving a marriages takes selflessness not selfishness.

Build your spouse up. There is nothing better than making someone feel like they are the only person your eyes can see. Although words of affirmation may not be their love language, anybody wants to be loved and appreciated.

Apologize! Still feel that you’re not at fault? If so refer above to the first step I created. Now ask yourself if you want to be with someone who can do no wrong and who feels that they don’t need to apologize for anything. Ask yourself if you want to be with someone who is prideful.

Reminisce on the good times. Think back to when you first caught a sparkle in their eyes. What is it that made them fall in love with you? What did you do to make them smile? Without saying a word, take them back to that place. Wear the same cologne you wore when you first met and give little reminders and hints to small and sweet memories that you made together. Take them to the place you first met and remember the good times that you had together. Go out to that theater or restaurant and sit in the same place. There is so much creativity that you can put into it. It takes determination to keep your marriage together.

Pull out that wedding album and flip through the pages. You may want to offer to look together, but then again you may want them to catch you looking through it alone. This will show them that you want to look back on great memories of you together.

Take a vacation! Every couple needs a way of escape. You may want to even surprise them with a trip to a favorite spot. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. The both of you can take a road trip somewhere and enjoy the craziness and excitement of a spontaneous trip.

Think of something that you know would absolutely amaze or surprise your spouse. That trip you could never afford to go and see their family? That nice watch you couldn’t afford for Christmas. How about those walks you always promised to take together but never got around to it, because you were always busy? That is a great start.

Learn one another’s love language. Go to Google and type in love language. After taking the assessment you can share with one another your love language. It’s one thing to know your spouse’s love language and another thing to actually act upon it. Don’t just know it, follow through with making it happen.

Saving a marriage actually takes two people. It’s impossible to fix something that someone else keeps wanting to break, so if you both aren’t ready to make it happen, it’s next to impossible. Before spending lots of money on a counselor, it is recommended to see if these remedies will help to save the marriage.

We all need to make our self a better person. How can we make some differences in our own personal story? What is it that draws you to your spouse and makes you want to become a better person? With apologizing and expressing the things that you want to see in the marriage, you are telling your spouse that you’re serious about the marriage and you love them enough to find ways that make them happy.

Your spouse wants to be married to that same person that they fell in love with. Yes, sure other people have various positions and roles, but it will come naturally to you while you demonstrate. There is nothing else worth saving if we cannot make our other half to stay the least.

Remember to be selfless not selfish. We all can work on ourselves and make for a better marriage.

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