5 things men don’t like about women

Sometimes our relationships don’t develop the way we would like to, even when everything seems OK. Before you start looking for problems in your boyfriend or husband, take a minute to self-reflect and think about what mistakes you make personally.

Women tend to use different strategies to achieve positive results in relationships. Nevertheless, most of these strategies lead to unhappiness for both partners. So, the list below presents 5 most common things that men don’t like about women.


Some women have very little self-reflection and don’t even suspect that they notoriously nag their partners. Such attitude can only lead to frustration, irritation and increased desire to….walk away. To understand the destructive power of nagging we can look into statistics, according to which, continuous nagging can lead to high stress levels and even death (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/10815810/Nagging-could-cost-the-lives-of-hundreds-of-men.html).

Playing manipulative games

Naturally, women are conditioned to collect as much as possible to create positive environment for the future. So, being in relationships, they tend to use their manipulative skills (often subconsciously) to achieve their goal using the least amount of resources. The most known example of such manipulation is, perhaps, tears. Crying works very well, because they seem defenseless, therefore man’s natural reaction is guilt. And, voilà! he gives in. Unfortunately, after a number of attempts, men get finally tired of the same scenario and, at best, don‘t react anymore, at worst, quits relationships in hope to find a more reasonable partner. Among other “games” you can find: ignorance, comparison, seduction and so on.

Trust testing

Did you ever check his phone/email/social network account? Whatever it is, you put yourself in a bad position. First of all, you might have to face dealing with the outcome: if he finds out, he will probably get angry and you will end up arguing. Second, even if you don’t find anything, most likely you will feel guilty afterwards. People prefer to have some privacy, or at least to know that they can have it if they need. Building trust is an essential part of relationships, moreover, giving a chance for privacy is a base. You can always ask openly, if you feel insecure. Surely, he will appreciate it more than “snooping”.

Outrageous demands

Once in a while every woman likes to feel herself like “a princess”. Since childhood most girls (at least in the west) growing up convinced that they are the most beautiful, the nicest and the sweetest. And, of course, all these “the most” require appropriate investment to keep themselves happy. Brand new iphone, expensive dinners, fancy cars – you can continue the list indefinitely. Not only material goods, but also requests like shopping for a nail polisher at 5am, can be included. It’s not surprising that relationships didn’t work out in the end. Even a very patient man will get tired of never-ending demands.

Failure to compromise

This is one of the most common problems for people in general. “Am I weak if I give in first?” is a question we often ask ourselves. First, you need to understand that you complete your partner. A relationship is not a competition of who wins the most power. Little compromises are natural and unavoidable for healthy coexistence. Its not about giving up your core values, its about making life comfortable for both of you.

*Keep in mind some of these are applicable to men as well.

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