Tips for better communication with your partner

You will never guess what the most important tip is for better communication with your partner? If you said “listening”, then you are absolutely correct. There are more communication issues with couples than any other reason for a break up. It is sad that because we do not communicate, we lose out on a potential long term relationship.

Communication is the key to any relationship. How will you know what makes that person tick, or smile? How about knowing the things that they do not like or do like? Why is it so hard to tell your significant other that there are certain things that you do not like?

We waste more energy on being frustrated with something that someone else does instead of using that energy on positive things, like communicating our frustrations to those who care the most. Yes, our significant other does care about the things that we do not like and love.

Instead of venting to your biased best friend or mom, try talking it out first. Remember to listen completely with no interruption. There is no point in communicating unless both are actively and equally participating. There is two sides to every conversation.

Engage your partner in conversation by asking open ended questions and try to understand them, even if it doesn’t make sense. The key is getting them to open up and listening to them. We may not always have the answers, but we do have a shoulder for them to cry on. That is very important.

Be interested in them and their world. It’s easier to invite someone into your world when you know that they care, right? If someone wasn’t interested in my day and my hard work, I would assume that they wouldn’t want to talk about it. However, when it comes to being with someone, you should want to know about them and their world.

Remember the little things. It’s always refreshing to know that someone listens and remembers something that you told them in previous conversations. If you happen to remember that small detail, say something about it to let them know that they were engaged in the last conversation that you all had. It is so important.

Do less texting and more voicing. If there is one form of communication that is so impersonal, I would have to say that texting tops it off. Even when we send emails, we use more words and expression. Just pick up the phone and call! Even better, talk face to face. Only text when you must let them know that you are thinking about them smack in the midst of the work day or you are planning a quick date and cannot talk at the moment. Never text a serious conversation, because words are always misconstrued.

Be open, honest and transparent with your partner, which is vital in a relationship. This helps establish trust and loyalty.

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