Top 10 Romantic Winter Destinations

If you think that romantic holidays in warm countries thousands of kilometers away is too much for you, consider visiting some of the most romantic places in winter time. Cold weather shouldn’t stop you from experiencing this special atmosphere of love. Find out more about most romantic winter destinations here.
1.    Prague, Czech Republic
Obviously, it’s good to spend more time in this beautiful old city. Walking along the old streets of this city, you can feel the atmosphere of the old romantic Europe. Amazing architecture of this place enraptures you with its charm and beauty. It’s truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Even in winter it continuous to attract people from all over the world. Here you can have a romantic dinner or simply enjoy the city during a walk under the snow. Don’t forget to lock up your love on Kampa! Kampa is an artificially created island, separated from the mainland by the Čertovka mill race. Right behind the mill wheel you will find a small bridge where lovers put on locks as a sign of their eternal love.
2.    Cracow, Poland
As one of the oldest cities in Poland, Cracow has preserved its original architecture. Here couples can take a horse carriage ride around the city, which is particularly romantic and special in winter times when snow covers the streets and buildings and everything around looks like a fairy tale. Here you can find many restaurants that offer romantic evenings for couples, life concerts and events. If you want to try one of the best chocolate, you definitely have to visit Wedel, a chocolate manufacture and café, which is particularly attractive in winter time.
3.    Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn is one of the first places that you should visit if you travel to Estonia. Middle age architecture is perfectly preserved here, that’s why this place is so magic. The city has a rich history, full of mysterious and romantic legends. Devote your time to the slow walks on the narrow streets of its city and enjoy the views of the old Europe architecture that will make you come back here again. If you and your loved one have a sweet tooth, you should visit one of the oldest and most known cafés Pierrе Chocolatеrie. Once the snow covers the streets of Tallinn you can find many activities that this city offers. For example, go skating at the Old Town’s outdoor ice rink.
4.    Cologne, Germany
Another romantic winter destination is Cologne. Explore together the Altstadt (OldTown) and, particularly Dom Cathedral, which charms tourists by its magnificence. It’s surprising, but one of the busiest railways in Europe, situated here, is the most romantic place in the city. Its railway bridge, where trains carries thousands of passengers from Cologne Hauptbanhof every day, attracts lovers to put their padlocks engraved with messages of love. Traditionally, after the locks are set on the bridge, the key has to be tossed in the Rhine river. If you get cold during the winter stroll, visit a spa center Claudius Therme in the city park on the branch of the river.
5.    Stockholm, Sweden
A city is unbelievably picturesque because of its winter beauty.  Like every European capital, you can find here a lot of cafés and restaurants like Gondolen or Brasserie Le Rouge attracting visitors by the variety of cuisine. Here you should visit Monteliusvägen, a 500 m long walking path with the post card views. It’s also famous as a popular place to get engaged. Have a stroll along the harbor, which looks amazing even in winter time.
6.    Banff, Canada
Is one of the best getaways for any romantic occasion, particularly in winter. You can see true nature in amazing views of mountains and trees covered with the snow. The place is designed for romantic winter holidays. Most hotels offer romantic packages that include spas, outdoor activities and dinners for two. One of the most beautiful places in the area is Emerald Lake. Because of its location, you can forget about internet and cellphones. If you want to enjoy real winter, you can go together hiking or skiing and in the evening enjoy a bottle of red wine in your room next to the real fireplace.
7.    Paris, France
The list of romantic getaways would not be full without this particular place. Paris admires and charms its visitors and make them fall in love again and again. No matter what season you choose to travel here, you will always be satisfied with this trip. If you choose this place as one of your romantic winter destinations, you surely will enjoy your visit. Till the late January you can see Christmas illumination on more than 100 streets of Paris that you can admire walking on the streets covered with snow. At this time it’s nice to have some warming meals with excellent wine in the local restaurants.
8.    Helsinki, Finland
One of the best places to experience winter in Europe together is Helsinki. Even in winter there are many places to have fun. Apart from organized events and festivals you can enjoy local cuisine in the local restaurants after outdoor skiing and skating. As the sun goes down you will find yourself in a charming world of light illumination of the city that creates a sweet atmosphere for romantic walks in the city, admiring the winter.
9.    Grindelwald, Switzerland
Although Switzerland is famous for its winter resorts and destinations, there is a unique place that definitely should be visited, especially if you are looking for a romantic getaway. Grindelwald is a place that is surrounded by  mountains cape with the Eiger north face and the Wetterhorn. You get to the top of the mountains by the train that would take you through the tunnel, built inside the mountains. Its charming and magnificent at the same time.  If you want to propose in an unusual way, you can do it on Top of Europe (Jungfraujoch, 3471 m above sea level).
10.    Vienna, Austria
For its romanticism, Vienna is known as well as Paris. This city, with its culture and charm of the old Europe will make your holidays there comfortable in all aspects. It’s not only architecture that makes that city romantic, but also cafés with fruit tea and desserts that are famous all over the world. The city is especially beautiful in winter, when its streets are covered with the soft snow. If you feel cold you can visit Schmetterlinghaus (Butterfly house).

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