What is a healthy compromise?

Sometimes our relationships become unbearable because of numerous conflicts of various background. A good part of which come from inability of the partners to compromise in the right moment for the good of both involved parties.

Compromising is one of the most difficult part of being in a relationship. However, without it, it’s nearly impossible to achieve peace between each other and make it work.

First of all, don’t panic, it’s totally normal that you both sometimes have different needs and desires and there is nothing wrong in getting into small arguments. Eventually, all of us want to get as much benefit as we can. On the other hand, no one wants to make a partner unhappy, even if you win the battle in the end. So how is it working exactly? How to compromise without sacrificing your own needs?

Well, in the beginning you need to accept that small compromises are normal and natural for a healthy relationship. We don’t talk here about giving up your major goals in life, but only small adjustments on the way towards those goals. Is it really that important where he puts his toothbrush or what kind of shirt he is wearing today? Right, such small things literally don’t change anything in the long term. Otherwise, arguing about unimportant things turns into nagging and doesn’t help to find a happy medium.

Share openly your expectations with your companion. Knowing what you both need to be comfortable with each other makes it easier to come up with a right solution.

Clearly define your boarders and make sure that your second half understands and respects your positions. Needless to mention that it has to be mutual. Hear out what the opposite side wants as well. After you realize what you both want from these relationships, giving in from time to time doesn’t make such a big deal anymore. So, an open dialogue between you two is a key.

But remember, don’t give up on major objectives of your life. Don’t compromise on something that means a lot to you, for example, having a family or a career. A good partner will respect and support your values and goals in life. And, if you have to sacrifice your happiness, maybe you should think of quitting such relationships.

A good way to compromise means solving the problem and not creating an additional one. It is something that you both can benefit from to make your relationships richer and stronger.

Compromising is a skill that you learn overtime. Yet, it is one of the most important parts of a relationship. Remember, it is not a battle for power. Often, by giving up on some small things we win much more in the end.

Do you agree? How does it work in your relationship?

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